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Welcome to AntiTweak's LJ

On January 4, 2007 I got this crazy idea to create a Night Elf druid. She wouldn't use weapons or wear armor. This is her LJ...
What's in a Name? The Full Story of the AntiTweak Project
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AntiTweak - Where is She?

Sorry for not posting in forever, but things have been crazy. Moving, trying to keep my job, and now running my guild again. I pretty much have to be on one of my regular characters at all times (and my main is finally 80!). I'm hoping to get back into the project soon. Also, I'm moving over to Facebook, but will probably still post stuff here.

AntiTweak on Pause

I moved to my new apartment at the beginning of February. Unfortunately, I still don't have an internet connection. For now I can't play...

2008, A Year in Review

2008 Goals
Complete Gnomeregan Ding!
Take on Scarlet Monastary Ding!
Get the Scarlet Crusade Tabard (& rock it like it's going out of style!) Ding!
Go to Uldaman
Maybe hit the Razorfens
Level 60

This year was filled with tons of up and downs. In a way, I feel like I haven't gotten anywhere with her since 40 became the new 30 with WotLK. Add to that finally moving to my own apartment (must be a reasponsible adult now), and my guild getting gutted like a fish. Things have not been easy. Still, AntiTweak finally finished Gnomeregan, went to SM (& got her new tabard), and found new ways to kill time (achievements) this year.
In 2009, I have high hopes for level 60 (finally). I know its taking forever, but I do have seven other characters (which includes a new one for recruit-a-friend) to manage. I like to take my time with things. Most people would have this sort of thing done in a few weeks, but what have they really done? Have they seen Azeroth? Have they even played the game?
I should step off my soapbox and save it for another entry...

    2009 Goals!
  • Achievements

    • Wailing Caverns

    • Shadowfang Keep

    • Razorfen Krawl

    • Blackfathom Deeps

    • Plethora of Pets

  • Instances

    • Razorfen Downs

    • Uldaman

    • Zul'Furrak

    • Temple of Atal'Hakkar

  • Leveling

    • Level 50

    • Level 60

    • 300 Herbalism

    • 300 Alchemy


So on Saturday, AntiTweak dinged 40! I wasn't paying attention when it happened so of course there's no screenshot. Sooo, it's supposed to be hard now without the armor & weapons according to some of the people I've talked to. We'll see though...

Earlier though, she got to tank Gnomeregan with Tralanna. Yes, I said tank and no, there are no screenshots. Sorry. We did make it to Electrocutioner 6000. Then I stealthed my way to the last punchcard since there was no way we were going to make it there without dying.

Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade!

AntiTweak 39 Druid
Ameonna 45 Hunter
Fatguy 42 Hunter

This time we ran with my boyfriend's hunter. Antitweak did healing (which why you see her just "standing around"). After 3 more tries, the tabard finally dropped.

Screenshots!Collapse )
Midnight Launch PartyCollapse )
Thursday morning, I installed WotLK. I once again got the error message about my RAM (which is enough, but there is something wrong that it doesn't actually know how much is has). Other than that I installed successfully! It was nice that they had a little slide-show about the lore behind the game. Its really nice for those who haven't played the Warcraft series or studied the lore.
Since my boyfriend hadn't gotten his copy (lack of funds, since he payed for mine as a birthday present), he was already on the game on his low level priest. We had decided not to goto Northrend right away to avoid the "rush to be 71-80 first traffic". So I hopped on Ikari to help him out on his Duskwood quests since she was doing them too. We made a good team.
When my friend Chibi Dragon got on, we switched characters for our AntiTweak SM run!

AntiTweak 38 Druid
Ameonna 44 Hunter
Jarail 64 Paladin

We hit every single part of Scarlet Monastery and we got the achievemnet for it. We didn't die once. Afterwards we went back to the Armory to try to get the tabard, but it refused to drop. We decided to call it a day since Paul and I had to go out for dinner for my birthday.
I did complete Mythology of the Titans and we read all of books in the library for part the "Well Read" achievement.
I took some screenshots, but they are on my laptop, so I will post them later.

AntiTweak dinged 39 when she handed in the quest. 40 is just around the corner!

Level 38 & WotLK Midnight Launch

AntiTweak is level 38! She's been doing some quests in STV, Wetlands, and Desolace.

I will being going to the GmeStop Midnight Launch party for WotLK. So if anyone else reserved their copy at the GameStop in the Bridgewater Commons Mall in NJ, I'll see you there!


Special thank you to Kasra for the Tricky Treats!

So, AntiTweak has been working on some Achievements. She camped out Lil'Timmy for the white kitten (& had some guy called her a jerk or something, when my friend & I had been waiting for over half an hour & he just walked up). AntiTweak has quite a few pets now, so she should get that achievement soon.
Now that Hallow's End is over, we are hoping to finally do our SM runs. I know we've been talking about this for almost a year. It will happen! Soon, we hope.


I just went through the screenshot folders on the main computer and found some old pics that never got posted!
Random, Fire Festival, Mounts & Hallow's EndCollapse )

Wooo! Updates!

How spooky!
I installed the last patch on my laptop and WoW still runs! Actually, I'm not lagging like I used too, so I don't know what Blizzard did, but /cheer! I'm really excited for WotLK. I didn't get my vacation time, but I still have off on my birthday (when it comes out, best b-day present ever).

AntiTweak is 36! She got her mounts (all three sabers, because I couldn't choose one). I do have a screenshot, but its on the other computer. Sorry.
Hallow's End has started! I love this holiday more than any other. Already AntiTweak has done Tricks and Treats for both Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. She's also done Check Your Head, That Sparkling Smile, The Mask Task, The Savior of Hallow's End, and Trick or Treat! She's still working on A Mask for All Occasions and The Masquerade.
The Tricks and Treats were interesting. Eastern Kingdoms was easy until I had to go to Eastern Plaguelands. AntiTweak started in Hillsbrad Foothills and walked along the river until she got to Western Plaguelands and from there into the Eastern Plaguelands. She was ok till she hit that town and it took 2 deaths to cross that and a third to get to Light's Hope Chapel, but she made it.
AntiTweak in Light's Hope ChapelCollapse )
For Kalimdor, I asked my boyfriend to help me around. I had completed most of them already, but I was not looking forward to going to Silithus (which means going through Tanaris and Un'Goro). He helped me out there, and going though Timbermaw Hold to get to Winterspring. Atleast I have all those flightpoints now.
AntiTweak meets Linken in Marshal's RefugeCollapse )
He also went through all of his characters trying to get wands to transform AntiTweak. We got most of them. I hope to get the rest within the next few days.
After Hallow's End, we hope to run SM with our friends so AntiTweak can finally get her new tabard. For now she's started quests in Stranglethorn Vale.